About Me

Hi there! My name is Mayumi (pronounced Ma-You-Me) and I am a self-taught graphic designer and creative producer from Upstate New York currently doin’ and makin’ things in the Twin Cities. My pronouns are she /her and I identify as Ryukyuan/Uchinaanchu (now known as Okinawan) and Korean.  

I started dabbling in design towards the end of high school for a number of punk band street teams then formed and experimented with a DIY record label for awesome alternative rock and punk bands: we produced some of the raddest tour posters, got bands booked at new venues, created some sweet contents for their music, and ran their social media pages. I was only 19 years old with not a single dollop of knowledge on how to run a business when I did this while working other odd jobs and because of that I eventually drove the business down to the ground since none of us charged a cent for our services. Financial fail? Sure. Experiential win? Absolutely. This experience actually helped me plug into interesting opportunities where I was able to develop my creativity as a designer and producer. And so here I am. My approaches are very experimental and I enjoy collaborating on diverse projects with many interesting people.

Community events, public interest design, urban decay exploration, cult scifi-horror films, photography, doodling, and creating abstract models.

Public Art Saint Paul: Curator of Community Engagement
CoCreatz: BIPOC Advisory Committee
MayDay Festival: Volunteer Coordinator
Forecast Public Art: Groundwork Creative Consulting Intensive Fellow
Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Community Advisory Committee
Juxtaposition Arts
: Graduate Research Assistant
Dept. of Public Art: Creative Placemaking Associate
Center for Gender, Art, and Culture Board: Vice-Chair
Gorgeous Washington Street Association Board: Vice-Chair
LUMA Projection Arts Festival: Juried Competition Coordinator

INSTAGRAM: @mayumipark